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Consultancy Work

I've done a lot of consultancy work over my time. I've helped companies tweak their social media usage to make sure they're using it to their full advantage but I've expanded to also helping with both online and offline advertising. So, I'm pretty much someone who you bring in to make sure you've got someone looking at that campaign and going... yes let’s do it or Nope. RUN DON'T DO IT DONALD.

Jokes aside. Sometimes companies lack the clear vetting process they need to make sure they don't mess up with potential campaigns. Let’s take McDonalds and Pepsi as the latest examples. Who in their right mind thought it was OK to use people rioting in an ad? And WHO thought using the death of a child’s father to sell burgers was A OK? Sometimes when you've got an ad agency dealing with your campaign they might not get the whole view so to speak. I can say hand on heart that I've sometimes reviewed potential ad campaigns and said "it's terrible".

It isn't just TV ad's you should be worried. Are you using social media correctly? How is your engagement? If you're wondering what I do 80% of my working day.. it’s looking at data. To understand things better. Because data is key. So, I do a mixture of everything public. Public relations, brand damage control - been there, done that and I'm afraid I didn't get the T-shirt due to sizing issues at the kiosk.

My rates are pretty decent. I can also help with creative thinking and well… literally anything to do with ad's. I'm a one-man band advertising agency. Think of all the money your company could save or the potential view I could bring to your project.

Oh, and if you're wondering how much experience I've had. I've handed budgets in excess of £1 million during my time. Rest assured I can do some pretty nifty stuff within budget and to standard. 

Think we're the right fit? Get in touch. It'll be fun!